Lot of customers face issue with warranty support after they purchase item from other online marketplace. Once the item is delivered and return policy days are elapsed, there is no way, they can get help from the online store for the item purchased. We have seen many customers dealing with this issue of finding service centers or support for the item purchased online and get frustrated. At SPD Energy, we care about our customers and that sentiment is extended even after the purchase of items from SPD eStore. Please note that SPD Energy provides warranty support to the items purchased from us only. Also SPD Energy reserves the right to deny or accept the warranty claim or other issues.

Warranty Clauses (within warranty period)

1) Our products are under warranty for manufacturing defects only during 1 year.

2) Warranty is null & void in following cases.

  • Any operational damage cause by misused such as breaking of terminal.
  •  Any operational damage cause by damaging the circuitry by improper operation.
  • Damage of identification number (Serial Number).

3) Using any component at a rating higher than its operating limit will decrease its lifespan and lead to failure.