For complete protection simply plug Automatic Voltage Switcher (AVS) into the mains & plug in your appliances. When Mains power supply fluctuates to your equipment, this switcher disconnects the power & reconnect after time set by wait timer. The AVS monitors the voltage for a short period to ensure the power has stabilized before it reconnecting.
  • Protect and prolongs the useful life of electrical appliances.
  • Eliminates the need to switch off appliances every time the electricity fails
  • safeguard valuable electricity appliance at all times.
  • Very low cost protection in relation to the value of appliance.
  • Different model available including three phase units.
  • Protection against- Low Voltage, High Voltage, Spikes/Surge, Power-back surges, Lightning.


The AVS protects your
• Fridge, Freezer
• Air-conditioners
• Photocopiers
• Fax Machine
• Computers & Monitors
• TV & Hi Fi
• Video Recorders
• Most Household & Business goods