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About Us

Snapshot: Today’s world require efficient and reliable energy & power solutions at a competitive price, SPD Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. wants to be partner in innovating such solutions to meet customers’ needs.

SPD Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. offers a standard and custom energy & power solutions in primary sectors such as Transportation, Automobile, Commercial, Financial, Healthcare, Industrial, IT & Data and Residential. SPD Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd. provides a single-source of ‘SPD Energy ®’ brand energy & power products for delivering such solutions.

Mission: Our company mission is to design, build and deliver the energy & power products to our valuable customer.

Vision: Our company vision is to be innovative & successful organization in the field of energy & power solutions.

Core Value: SPD Energy Technologies Pvt. Ltd., business relationships driven by the core values to expand the business as responsible organization for customers, employees and suppliers. Innovation – We constantly develop the product using innovative ideas, approaches, methods and solutions Collaboration – We respect each other views & opinions. We work together as team to achieve the best result for our customers. Accountability – We take responsibility for our actions and behavior.

Nature of Business: Our nature of business primarily can be categorized into three activities as mentioned below:

• Procure (Domestic & International) and re-assemble of components

• Integration of components to build energy & power systems.

• Design and build the customized systems.

Our organization has range of ‘Energy & Power Products’ as mentioned below:
1. Power Inverter (75W – 3 kW)

2. Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS)

3. Automatic Voltage Switcher with Spike Guard

4. Pre-programmed Control Unit. (PCU)

5. Solar PV & Charge Controller

6. Hybrid Solar Inverter (1kW – 5kW)

7. PV On Grid Inverter (1kW – 15 kW)

Our organization provides ‘Power & Energy Solutions’ as mentioned below:
1. Car & Coach Power System.

2. Solar Power System (DC & AC)

3. Solar Power System with Grid

4. Solar Grid Tie Inverter with Net Metering

Contact Us

SPD Energy Technologies P. Ltd., 104, Gaondevi Centre, Plot No. 68, MIDC Phase II, Dombivli East . 421 203. Maharashtra. INDIA