STRIDE Series Solar Power Control Unit is an integrated unit consisting of a Solar Charge Controller, Inverter and a Mains Charger for maintaining the battery.

  • The Solar Inverter continuously supplies solar power to the load as soon as the solar power is available.
  • Unlike other conventional inverter, this inverter is specially programmed for using the solar power during day time such as home, office & shops even when the Mains is available.
  • Pure Sine Wave Solar Inverter
  • High Frequency based Transformer
  • Compact & High Efficiency 92—95%
  • Microcontroller based programmed Solar Charge Controller.
  • Use Reliable Solar Power for your Home.
  • Reduce your electricity bill using our Solar Inverter.

LED Display
  • LED display showing Solar, Battery & Mains Status.
  • Battery charging status from Solar & Mains.
  • ‘LOAD’ is powered by Mains ‘MAINS’
  • ‘LOAD’ is powered by Solar ‘SOLAR’


The solar power is directly used to the load and the remaining power charges the battery. Therefore you generate the power from solar & use it in your home.  Our Solar Inverter has  microcontroller based solar charge controller to monitors the state of solar power, battery and the Inverter. When solar power is not available the load is supplied by the battery till the battery goes low. The load will automatically shift to the Mains power within 15mSec. When battery is charged by solar power, the load is transferred to the battery bank. The Mains Charger is to maintain the battery during cloudy days. We recommend the size of battery depending upon the requirement of backup time. You can also shift the load manually to the Mains or Solar from inverter.