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Solar Inverter

SPD Energy Technologies brings the latest & proven in renewable energy of international standard to you.
Solar Inverter is a integrated solution which comprises of a charge controller, inverter, backup grid charger, control board & battery.


• SOLAR Inverter will operate on both Solar & Grid Power.
• SOLAR inverter always gives priority to solar and will use Grid power only when the solar power & battery is unable to meet the load requirement.
• LED display showing Solar, Battery & Grid Status.
• Pure Sine wave / Modified Sine wave Inverter.
• Built-in MPPT Solar charge controller.
• Makes Solar Power Easy to install & use.
• Microprocessor based Control board.
• SOLAR Inverter operates to give you maximum benefit from the solar power & minimize your electricity bill.
• Battery Deep Discharge Protection.
• Enable and Disable Grid Charging (Optional)


Model: 300VA - 3000VA
Voltage: 12 / 24 V DC
Maximum Efficiency: 95%


• Small Power Generation.
•Power for Home, Office, School, & Hospital.
•Solar Power System.

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