SPD Energy® is proposed as a product for professionals looking for a simple and comprehensive way to solve Solar Power System design problems.

SPD Energy® supports the design and optimization, both technical and financial, of every type of Solar Power System as follows,

  1. Off Grid Solar Power System
  2. ON Grid Solar Power System

SPD Energy® will design the single-line electrical diagram of Solar Power System.
SPD Energy® will generates the necessary documentation for submission of the project like technical report, financial report, final technical report, plant layout.

List of the electrical components of the system, calculation of the productivity of the Solar Power System.

We will give you monthly production of solar power system including the effects of shading due to surrounding building & trees.

Analysis of profitability of the plant with assessment of financing

Bill of Material for the system.

Please find sample Technical report of our existing clients. (Click here for sample report)