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Solar DC Power is a solution for your power crisis in Remote cabins, Rural home & Sheds. During the electricity requirement, go anywhere with portable solar power system, It can used to power your phone, lamps & fan etc.

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Features of DC Solar Power System

  • Electrical power to Rural Area & Remote Cabins
  • Easy to install & use
  • For emergency power, go anywhere with Solar DC Home Power, it can used to power your phone, lamps & fans etc.
  • In-built charge controller with indication.
  • DC LED Light (Optional)
  • Protection: Solar Panel and Battery Reverse Polarity, over charge, Deep discharge & Overload.


 PV Module:

  • Peak Power Watt – 20 W
  • Maximum Power Voltage – 18 V
  • Maximum Power Current – 1.11 A

 Solar DC Power Kit:

  • System voltage – 12V
  • solar charge controller – 5A
  • Over voltage protection – 17V
  • Built-in maintenance free lead acid battery 12V, 12Ah.
  • LED indicates the solar power, battery status, and fault condition.
  • Two USB of output to the mobile phone charging.
  • DC output port for Light, DC Fan.

 LED Bulb:

  • LED Bulb with Cable 5M – 12V, 3W Q:3Nos.
  • Multipin mobile charging cable. Q:1 No.

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