Solar Grid Tie Inverter with Net metering

(Home, Office, Bank, School, Stores and Hospital)

Solar Grid Tie Inverter with Net Metering is an solution consisting of a PV Module, SUNPULSE Grid Tie Inverter, and Net Metering / Utility Meter.  A grid-tie inverter is a power inverter that converts direct current (DC) electricity into alternating current (AC) with an ability to synchronize to interface with a utility line.

When sun is shining, the solar panels generate power, which reduces the consumption of electricity from the grid and cuts electric bills accordingly. If this power is not enough for your home, the required balance is automatically provided by the utility grid. If the solar panel system generates more electricity than your house is using, it will feed the excess back to the grid.  Under normal conditions, a small portion of the energy is also used to keep the storage batteries charged in grid backup solar power system.

This is special meter for net metering (keep all record how much you used electricity and how much you sell electricity to Grid).  Its applications are converting DC sources such as solar panels into AC for tying with the grid.


  • IEC Compliance
  • Reduce the power bill & Sell the surplus electricity produced to the grid.
  • Efficient energy generation along with uninterrupted power solution for  sensitive loads.
  • Effective Utilization of generated power because there are no storage loss involved.
  • Maintenance free, generate no pollution and are as silent as the sun.
  • Adds value to your property.
  • 5 years standard warranty with extended warranty & lifetime service support.

Components of the system 

  1. SUNPULSE PV On Grid Inverter
    Model LS Series for Single Phase Solar Inverter
    Model LT Series for Three Phase Solar Inverter
    Maximum efficiency 97.2 %
    Transformerless design & easy installation
    Power factor continuously adjustable
    Flexible communication connection such as USB, Wifi, Ethernet, GPRS
  1. DC Distribution Board
    DC Switch optional in the inverter or mounted seperately.
    Surge Protection Device & Fuse Protection included in the DCDB.
  1. AC Distribution Board
    AC MCB included in the ACDB.
    Additional SPD on AC Side can be installed. If distance between PV module & Inverter is greater than 10 meters.
  1. Photovoltaic Module
    Polycrystalline / Moncrystalline
  1. Automatic Voltage Switcher protection
    AVS Series device for Automatic Voltage Switcher with Spike Guard on load i.e. AC side will take care surge issues.
  1. Netmetering
    Single or Three phase metering measuring export of power to grid & import of power from grid.