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SPD Energy offer a reliable custom and standard renewable energy solutions for Home, Office, Bank, School and Hospital.

Solar Power System

(Home, Remote Area and Rural Village)

Solar Power System is an solution which comprises of a solar power control unit, battery and solar panel, Charge controller µC program determines battery status and controls power to loads. Solar Panel charges the battery via Solar charge controller, DC Power can be driven from charge controller. AC power supplied by Inverter to AC distribution.

Features :

  • IEC Compliance
  • Independence from the grid at relatively cheaper cost than getting utility line to a your property.
  • Uninterrupted power solution for essential loads.
  • Tend to force you to use electrical efficiently and generate no pollution.
  • System can be added/expanded easily to existing system Reponsibly the use of electricity gives satisfaction & peace of mind.
  • Adds value to your property.


  • Rating: 300W - 2500W
  • Battery: 12 / 24V DC

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